Mercury’s Skyhook GPS technology continues to lead the marine industry.

Mercury Marine continues to lead the marine industry with its Skyhook virtual anchoring which is unmatched by any marine manufacturer. From South Florida to the Northeast and along the Pacific, boaters are becoming enamored with the technology that allows them to lock into a fishing hole with the simple push of a button.

Here is Mercury’s most recent video showing the technology at work in Ft. Lauderdale:

The video and technology was also showcased by technology website Engadget:

“I’m not that good of a boater, said Ft. Lauderdale boater Tom Glenos. “When you dock the boat (with skyhook) you don’t need to make three different passes trying to dock the boat.”

“From the consumer standpoint, folks that don’t have as much boating experience or are new to boating, it tends to make it easier,” said Tom Shelton, of Lauderdale Marine in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Using a boat’s GPS system, Skyhook pinpoints its position and moves the drives independently to maintain the correct heading. It’s perfect for holding over a hot fishing spot or waiting for the locks or drawbridge to open. Auto Heading and Waypoint Sequencing is an integrated autopilot system that makes navigating to any destination — and safely back again.

“It’s that added element of being able to do more with your boat even if you are by yourself,” said Shelton. “It gives you the ability to control your boat in the locked position. Waiting for a fuel dock or hanging out in a spot waiting on traffic, fishing over a wreck, you name it, you can do it with skyhook.”

“For me, being a novice boater, having a boat without skyhook or joystick docking system would not be an option,” said Glenos. “I would want to have it on my next boat and I’m glad I have it on this one.”

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