The new 2016 Tige RZX was built for more. More surf. More wake. More space. More style.

Boasting the legendary Convex V Hull, the RZX is a natural performer. For years, wakesurfers have raved on the power, push and quality of a Tige surf wave, and the RZX’s surf performance is sure to heighten their standards. The Convex V Hull is notably versatile and will hurl the wake that wakeboarders around the world have been begging for. From the helm, you’ll immediately feel the impressive handling capability of the RZX, all while keeping your entourage in for a dry ride.

Combine its power with leading technology and the signature style of the RZ Series, you’ll see that the RZX is more than fully‑featured, it’s fully loaded.

The Convex V Hull

There’s a reason it performs like no other: Patent #6874441. Tige’s ConvexV hull is shaped to work in synergy with the laws of physics and nature. Tige stands alone with a patented hull, designed to work with water—not against. The curved surface of Tige’s convex hull utilizes the Coanda Effect to pull the boat deeper in the water. By eliminating the hook of the planing hull, the ConvexV produces a clean and perfectly formed wake/wave.

Key Features:
3,000 lbs Ballast
Tige Touch2
Zero Off GPS Cruise Control
Electronic Throttle
Removable YETI Ice Chest
Center Floor Storage
Surf Locker
Anchor Locker
Built-In Trash Container
Gator Step Flooring
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Lamination

Boat Length     23 feet
Width Amidship     102 in // 2.59 m
Weight     5694 lb // 2583 kg
Fuel Capacity     65 gal // 246 L
Hull     Convex V
Seating     16
Color Options     Infinite
Draft     29″
Storage     122.75 cbft


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Brad Roberts
Brad grew up at the family cottage on Lake Simcoe using both powerboats and sailboats. A veteran journalist with large national daily newspapers, outdoor interest magazines, and syndicated television shows, Brad has entertained and educated readers for over 25 years with his unique family-inclusive perspective. His favorite pastime is teaching others to use their boats to access the freedom and beauty of a Life Afloat. Brad, his wife, and their three daughters have traveled and boated all over North America and the Caribbean, but choose to keep their "floating home" on the fresh waters of Central Ontario.